Sunday, July 23, 2006

And so it begins....

With Pride in full swing, I've been in many conversations with others in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, two-spirited, intersexed, queer, questioning, pansexual and affirming community about our specific community here in River City (AKA Windsor) and where we need to go, what we need to be doing, and so on. It's made me think and do some writing, which I plan to share here.

Ideally, I'd like this to be a forum for the exchange of ideas beyond River City, to other small cities with GLBT communities in the process of growing and becoming. We have a lot to discuss here in River City, but as much as I like the place, I don't think we're unique--a lot of our issues and challenges exist in other places as well.

So pull up a chair, grab a beverage of your choice, and let's get started!

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Catherine+ said...

Hi RP [rainbow pastor], thank you for your comment on the RGBP Prayer Blog. I really like both of your blogs. The Windsor Pride link isn't working, FYI.

I will inform my LGBT friends of your blog.

I have always found that preparing to vest is in and of itself a profound ritual, of focus and awareness. How better to be aware than to have words that describe the very thing you are trying to do?

Blessings RP.